I was supposed to do a 10 day countdown prior to university, but I didn’t realise just how busy the next few days would be. Seriously, I haven’t stopped, I’ve been packing, sorting, and generally being all nervous!

And now, everything is packed in my father in law’s car, save for two suitcases, and a hiking rucksack, and I’m making the last minute arrangements ready to leave tomorrow. Josh will be seeing me off at the train station, which is nice, although it might get a bit too emotional (I suck at being emotional, and I hate goodbyes, so it will only end one way). He’s at university today, and he is having a good time, which is great. I have a passport to deal with, and I think I shall have to give the counselling a miss, I will never make it on time, but meh.

It is mad, the past month or so has flown by! It feels like only yesterday that I left the film festival for the last time, being so glad that I will never see those assholes who made college hell for me ever again. And now, tomorrow I leave forever.



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