The 10 Day Countdown – 9 Days To Go!

So, I’ve finished Dark Fire, and I’ll write up that review later today. That’ll be two books on my reading challenge then (muhahahaha!).

So, I’ve got to set up my bank account today, I was planning on getting that all sorted so I wouldn’t have to go out today until my social worker meeting, but the bank had other ideas, booking me in for today at 11am. I’ve also lost my UCAS conformation letter, which wasn’t very clever, so I’ve had to come out even earlier than planned in order to get that printed off. So I thought I might as well use the computer to quickly update you all on everything, and to continue the countdown.

Registration opened online for university this morning, but it means that I do have to get hold of my NHS number so that I can change GPs over whilst I am at the university. I also need to talk to the social workers, as the actual in person enrollment has asked for photographic ID, stating either a driver’s license or a passport to be suitable. My passport expired in May, and I don’t drive, meaning that I don’t have a provisional or full driver’s license. This might be an issue, so I’ll get them to talk to the university to see if I can use something else. What a hassle it’s going to be, but it’s all for a good cause, I suppose, so it ought to be worth it.

That just leaves the dog walking that I’ve volunteered to do this evening for Josh to do today, and then I can go home and try and start yet another box. I cleared out my dressing table last night, leaving only what I use all the time out on the table and boxing everything else up/throwing out products I never use. Perhaps I ought to go through the box of stuff from the locker at work/my tea set…


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