Shiz Just Got Real…

Packed up my locker at work today. This was a bitter sweet moment in my life where I am excited to be leaving there in order to find better things (like hopefully a paid job!). Yet I also feel a little bit sad to think that all I have to show for five months of volunteering there is this…


That is just a tad bit depressing. Oh well, another box of stuff to go through. There was a bit of a row between Josh and I, as he wants me to start looking for a job at university right this minute, and throw out most of my things. I however, want to make the most of the university jobshop so I find a shift that suits my hours of study. I also am determined to keep all my books. Especially the books.

So, I’ve got just one whole weekend, a Tuesday and a Saturday left at work. Not that I mind much, I can’t wait to get out of there!


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