One Month to Go!

It’s only a month to go now until I move up to Bath! I’ve spent today clearing out my stuff from Josh’s room, it fills one large suitcase, two boxes with items to spare. I’ll have to take it all back to Gosport, ready to go through it all when I get there.

I have my final day of work confirmed now, 31st August, and me and the inlaws are discussing my travel arrangements for getting me and ALL my books (am determined that all my books stay with me!) up to university. As the social workers are being a bit tricky with helping me get up there, it has been agreed that I shall have to get the train up on the Thursday with my suitcase and a couple of bags, then Josh and his parents will bring the remains of my life up by car the next day, stay until Saturday, before leaving me to my own devices. It’s all happening!


This is basically me realising that in a month, college, Hampshire and my old life will be a memory left to fester in the fiery pits of hell forever, and my new life as a university student is so close I can coo over the glory of it. There is a going away do for Dan with work (I might have to remind people that I’m going away forever too…) the night before the last day of work, before he moves away on 1st September. It’s weird that all the people I knew from either school or college are out there living their own lives, be it my ex in Israel, or my snotty ass classmates in Portsmouth University (I’m still chuckling to myself about that!) We’ve all (gasp!) Started the activity known as growing up.

Seriously, I used to be such a sweet kid…


Now I’ve mutated into this…


That is life…



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