The World According to Fred #4 – Illness

Sorry I haven’t had the chance to write my usual weekly post, HJ has been very busy, and I haven’t been feeling very well.

You see, as it has been a strange old summer here in England, I haven’t really adjusted to the temperature changes. And, because I have been dragged to various camps this year, I have caught some strain of Bear Flu, which takes a good few weeks to shake out of the system. So whilst HJ has been running around, going to various BBQs, parties and to Josh’s, I’ve stayed at home, in bed, feeling rather sorry for myself…

I hate being ill, just like anyone else. Neither HJ or I get ill very often, but when we do fall ill, we get very wimpy (HJ won’t admit it, but last time she had a cold, she took a whole weekend off of work and stayed all curled up in bed, demanding constant tea and paracetamol supplies). No one is very sympathetic usually, because quite often HJ will bring it on herself, as she often misplaces her umbrella and coat when it rains and is cold, and often goes to bed late, and even stays up all night!


HJ often takes pictures of me so she can chuckle at my sickness and how much of a wuss I am when I am unwell. So that’s me on Day 3 of the Bear Flu, when I had a terrible fever.


Me taking medicine to help me feel better.


Catching up with some reading (this book ought to help me be prepared for HJ taking me up to university in September)


An upside to being bed bound, you get to borrow the DVD machine whilst HJ is at work!

I’m feeling a bit better now though, although my head still feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool…

Next week I’ll be talking about university, the next step in our lives.


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