So, Nearly There…

Today I have the rather fun job of attending a Disabled Students Allowance assessment, to see what resources they are willing to pay for me to help me at university in September. I’m also meeting up with the social workers about this debt I’ve accumulated for myself whilst being in my care placement, as well a  making sure that I will get all the money I shall be entitled to as a student. I never liked meetings, I’ve spent an awful lot of time in meetings in my little life. It’s what happens when one is in foster care, but no matter.

But all these meetings are just reminding me how much closer my dream of university adventures is! I never would of imagined where I would be now at the age of 14, when teachers at special schools would remind me that ‘kids like you just don’t go to university’. They were so wrong, and I can finally begin to taste the dream. I’ve had obstacles put in my way over the years, but it is worth it!

One month and three days to go until I move up there! Also, best of luck to the UK folk getting their A level results today, I’m sure you will do great!


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