So, that Failed…

So, Josh lends me his laptop and his wordprocessing programme for me to enjoy whilst he goes off to a rehearsal for a festival he’s performing at on Friday, in order for me to get something of significance written for a Writer’s event I’ll be attending at the local theatre tomorrow, so I thought I’d give the re-write of the novel a good bash…

I wrote three paragraphs, gasped at the drivel I had written, and deleted the lot. Am back to the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome…


But I will get something written, even if it kills me in the process. I suppose having Facebook, Twitter and WordPress up behind the word document isn’t really helping much, but, hey, I haven’t had the chance to actually feel keys under my fingers as I write out something online/on an electronic device, so I am blooming well making the most of it before Josh comes home and reclaims his laptop!

I did attempt a Regency style novel, a bodice ripper, I recall, but that didn’t go very well. The story kind of tailed off into the abiss and it never truly got anywhere that it needed to. Besides, it was utter drivel that a five year old could of written better.

So, another attempt is indeed in order. I shall be making it a novel focusing on a plot rather than a romance, a character and her growth in the storyline rather than who she gets married off to at the end of the book.

But, no more time chatting, I need to get on with it, words need to be written in as urgent a pace and manner as I possibly can, as I have limited time on this laptop!


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