Everyday Sexism

So, as a feminist, I hate it that misogyny and sexism towards both men and women have been completely normalised and practically made mainstream. I have been following the twitter feed for Everyday Sexism for a month or so now, shaking my head sadly, thinking how glad I was that people in my town don’t do that…

I was wrong.

This very morning, I was stood at the bus stop, waiting to start my commute into work, minding my own business, when a Hampshire Council van drove by.

And beeped me!

My skirt might be shorter than normal, as it was the only clean one in the wardrobe suitable to wear into work, but I’m in a thick winter coat, for goodness sake! The guy driving also had the nerve to wink at me!

So I tweeted to Everyday Sexism, and felt a lot better.

It is never ok to be treated in a sexist way, regardless of class, gender, faith, creed or race.

That’s why I am shouting out.


3 thoughts on “Everyday Sexism

  1. Because there’s no better way to win a fair lady’s heart than blatant street harassment? Ugh. One time when I was in high school (about 15 or 16 if I remember right), I was taking a walk, minding my own damn business when this old man pulls over, rolls down his window and asks how old I was. Creepy as HELL!

  2. I also got beeped again this very afternoon, whilst in a dress, carrying shopping home! What made it worse was that my carer said that I am reading too much into it, and (much to my disgust) said that I ought to take it as a compliment! It isn’t a compliment, it is lewd, and it is offensive.

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