Book Tours #1

There is a thing about bookshelf tours on YouTube, but I don’t have the resources to make a video so will have to do my version as blog posts. The thing is, I don’t own a bookcase. So I have a pile by my bedside table, as well as lots of boxes full of books next to my bed. This tour consists of the pile next to the bedside table.


So, here it is! It’s got various bits and bobs, to be honest. All my Tudor/Mary Rose reference books are in this pile, among other things. Okay, ready to zoom in? Keep all arms, legs and other items/body parts inside the cart, and away we go!


Some of my Mary Rose reference books, including my volunteer charter and a book about the correspondence from the ship during her 34 years in service prior to her sinking, a rather intriguing book.


And my bartending guide, a recipe book of cocktails, useful for university, especially freshers week…


And some novels and a bargain cookbook my foster carer got me for Christmas last year…


My copy of Me and Mr Darcy sitting next to a careers guide and Geshia of Gion, one of my favourite autobiographies.


More Mary Rose books (the one that is most clear was written by Margaret Rule, one of the head archaeologists on the main Mary Rose excavation of ’79-’82). Also some witchcraft and Austen books. And Secret Diary of a Call Girl (I bought it after watching the TV show aged 15).


A Mills and Boon (military special, cringe), The Hobbit, and American Star, which is apparently the book my mother was reading when she went into labour with me in the hospital. And a cupcake recipe book which also ought to be handy at university.


Ah, my bumper book of English Literature. I’ve had this since secondary school, as I bought it from the school library sale. Another Mary Rose book, the Tudor Historical romance that wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, and that Paul o Grady autobiography that seems to get into each shot on this tour.


My special copy of all Shakespeare’s plays, given to me by my paternal grandparents for my 16th birthday, along with my copy of Lies to Tell Small Kids and a few witchy books.

So, that’s the tour! At some point I’ll work on another book tour post, but, for now, that’ll do.


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