The World According To Fred #3 – Creativity

So, creativity. Something people tend to admire in pop stars, actors and other ‘celebrities’. Not that I think any of them have any creativity in them whatsoever. I mean, when was the last time Victoria Beckham decided to design a new scarf perfect for a teddy bear?

HJ finished my new scarf tonight, sat in front of yet another self inflicted viewing of the 1995 BBC rendition of Pride and Prejudice. She insisted that I posed for a photograph, which I obliged, just for all you lovely people…


I do believe it turned out rather nicely! I wish she would open her services to other teddy bears out there, she’d be quite the fashion guru! But she reminds me that there isn’t really a market for it, although she might knit a few more scarfs to sell at one of her reenactment events for a few pennies, and she is also considering making a few rag dolls to sell as well. I mentioned that if I wrote about this on here, she could get some commissions to get her started. She laughed, and said I could mention it if I wanted, but it would be unlikely that I would have any takers. Besides, she would need to get some supplies…

But what I mean to talk about is the fact that young people have to be creative these days in order to survive. The people I admire are ones who use theit skills and talents in order to make an extra living. One of HJ’s friends, Badger, does tattoo designs, and charges when someone uses them in a tattoo. I think it is genius, and HJ wants him to design one of her tattoos when she actually gets around to getting one done. People in HJ’s generation are drawing, designing tops and making music in order to make life work for them, and I have to say, best of luck to them.

In the meantime, I had better prod HJ to figure out her novel ideas/designs for her prototype doll…


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