How’s THAT for a Slice of Fried Gold?

In the end, I did go to the midnight release of At World’s End. I won’t give spoilers, simply because I will be talking about the events of the night as well as giving an opinion on the film. We were going to the marathon, but it was all booked up (insert heartbreak here). I know the film doesn’t get released in the US until August 1st, so I won’t tease too much about it (see, I’m a nice person!).

So, I dressed, Josh got home from work, and we left at 2315. Madness ensued with the carpark hunt. In the end we parked in the Gunwarf multiplex. This would be something to regret later. We met the others, then went to pick up the tickets. Tim, Josh and I got a few approving looks from fellow cinema goers as we approached the food kiosk in search of cornetto icecream. But the cinema doesn’t stock them! Madness!!! I just went for popcorn and cola.

We watched the film, realised that we had missed out on the videos of Pegg, Wright and Frost that would be in between each film, then sat back, ready to enjoy. To be honest, I missed the very British charm that the other two films had, as there was too much blockbuster, CGI style filmmaking. The personality swap of Frost and Pegg did throw me at first, but then I saw how awesome it made the movie. A great stand alone, as well as a good way to end the trilogy.

Home time for us tired five musketeers. So we walked past the clubbers to get to the carpark to go home. I paid for parking, as I had agreed to do so, considering the fact that I hardly ever pay petrol money due to the fact that I’m hardly in the car. We all bundled in, and put the radio on pretty loudly. Then, the barrier.

Josh sticks the ticket into the machine. It spits it out. Josh tries again. Machine isn’t having any of it. He tries again, to no avail, so we had no choice but to call the security guys over in hope that we would be freed. What we didn’t realize was that whilst we were giggling and singing off key to the radio, not to mention telling awful jokes and chucking left over pick n mix at each other, the security guards back at the office were listening in and shaking their heads at this generation. After a while, we did escape with our lives, so we finally drove home, dropping friends off on the way.

We then filled up the car at the petrol station, before getting in at 0330. I can’t believe I got up for my train!


Me and the Gang


Josh and the Gang


Me with tie on head looking sleepy


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