Summer Days

As it is a lovely day outside, I’ve decided to sit in the garden with my Kindle, knitting and the sun. Besides, I could do with a bit of sun on my legs, as my arms are catching a bit of a tan, whilst my legs look rather corpse like. I would appreciate a little bit of a healthy glow, but being dark with tan isn’t the plan.

I ought to sit with a notebook, but seeming as I’ve forked out nearly £10 for an app to edit documents on, I might as well just use that to start a bit of literary genius on. I can then email it to myself to get Josh to print off if I wanted to. I’ve also gotten halfway through another square for my uni blanket, though I might start knitting Fred a nice new scarf now his one from Christmas is beginning to look a bit stretched and ropey.

I’m also thinking about new ideas for this blog, to try and get a bit more readership. Perhaps I might give Fred a weekly post, so he can talk a little bit of wisdom in ‘How Fred Sees It’. I will also start doing more cosplay posts, and some better knitting project ideas. I want to do a bit more on the feminism and activism front, (I am a member of Amnesty International) as well as talk a bit more about autism. You know what, I might even chuck a bad joke or two in whilst I’m there!

For now, though, check out my outdoor desk set up!



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