31 Day Blog Challenge #15


A timeline of my day? Interesting idea! Since no one day that I lead is ever the same, I’ll talk about yesterday, as it was, well, interesting…

7.30am – Get woken up by my phone alarm

8.00am – Crawl out of bed and throw open curtains

8.10am – Get into work uniform, do my makeup

8.20am – Breakfast

8.30am – Leave for work

8.40am – Get ferry over to Portsmouth

9.00am – Arrive at work, clock in

9.30am – Morning Briefing

10am – Museum opens to the public. On Main Deck

12pm – Switch decks. Am now on Lower deck on lift duty. Better get the joke book out!

12.30pm – Lunch break looms, but family group complain that the lift is playing up, so sit with them until help arrives.

1pm – Lunch! Book train tickets for Kelmarsh. Help a colleague with advertising a new top for the gift shop.

1.30pm – Back on lower deck. Mother comes up to me to report lost child. Chaos ensues.

1.40pm – Child found, thank goodness! Back to lower deck!

2.30pm – Switchover! Upper Deck time!

3pm – Talking to an American man about his photography project, as he leaves, he slaps my inner thigh! Felt uncomfortable but didn’t report it, probably happens often…

4pm – I pick up a load of maps off of the floor and take them to Front of House. I stay there for a while chatting to some of the front of house staff.

4.55pm – Leave work with a tshirt and bag of scones the cafe had to get rid of.

5.30pm – Get ferry back to Gosport.

6pm – Back home, change clothing, have dinner.

8pm – Bath

9pm – chill out watching tv

11.30pm – Bed


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