One Step Closer

Finally booked my train tickets for my next event! I’m rather excited now, even though the tickets cost me a good £43! I was sat in the staff room on my tea break, ready to actually get my head down, and book these tickets, because if I left it any longer it would get far too expensive for me to go.

So, the next job is to start the shopping! I need a sleeping bag as my housemate had to lend me her’s, and it turned out to be too short for me anyway! So it has to be a large rather than a regular, just to be awkward. I also need my own camp bed, which I can pick up for about £15. I’m going to Southampton tomorrow with my carer and housemate, so I ought to be able to check out what’s what.

In the meanwhile, I am finally travelling hone from a weird day of work. But that, good readers, is another story


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