Preparation for Kelmarsh

Kelmarsh is only a fortnight away! It’s all very exciting!

I haven’t even begun to unpack from Chalke Valley which is rather lazy of me, but this I shall rectify tomorrow now I have the day off work. I also need to book the train to get there so that is another task for tomorrow. Then, shopping. Camping supplies shopping, that is. I would like to get my own sleeping bag and roll mat, as well as a better camping backpack, so it will be easier to cart my supplies everywhere, especially when I end up bouncing from one train to another (at least two changes for Kelmarsh, shudder) so the more compact things can be, the better.

Although I will probably come back with a lot more than I left with, considering I will probably do plenty of shopping there for reenactment kit, including fabric suitable for my first ever real costume that is mine forever and ever! I suppose I’ll end up gathering a bit of a wardrobe, considering I will need one camp outfit and one for Austen events and parades, at least! I am on the lookout for my own pattern as well, and a lovely straw bonnet!


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