31 Day Blog Challenge #11

List 15 of your favourite things.

So, fifteen of my favourite things…

1. Clothes!

I am a closet fashionista. Seriously, I have a massive wardrobe packed with clothes, which I am often adding to on a regular basis. I often purchase fashion magazines to inspire what I shall purchase next, and I know it is a terrible habit, clothes shopping, but I do struggle to resist a cute top or a floaty summer dress.

2. Stationary

I adore stationary! Paperchase is one of the shops I love, with its cute notebooks and pretty pens. I bought an organiser off of them the other day, and I love it! Everyone knows to come to me if they need a pencil, as I have them coming out of my ears! The best time of year for my addiction to stationary is towards the end of the summer holidays, as they are all on offer, and often have exclusive lines to get you all excited for the academic year ahead. No word of a lie, I always do a huge stationary shop before a new academic year, to motivate me to actually study!

3. DSi

I was bought this for Christmas one year by my foster carer as my old DS (I was given the original console aged 13 for my birthday, and it had packed up four years later). I played it for a bit, but I got bored with it as I wasn’t bought very many games to go with it. I unearthed it and the said games whilst clearing out my bedroom, and bought some preowned games (they don’t bring out new games for the DS now the 3DS has been out for a couple of years), and now I no longer have a laptop, I can sit and have a lovely session on Mario Kart or Style Boutique (I know it was aimed at ten year old girls, but it is so addictive).

4. Knitting Equipment

Another thing I like is to sit in front of the television with my knitting. I am currently working on my Votes for Women square for my blanket, in tribute to the women who fought for what I take for granted today. I also knitted the start of my cash purse for my reticle that I will take to future events with me (though I might have lost my bone knitting needles already, sigh) no matter, I have just ordered some bamboo needles in a case which I hope will arrive before Kelmarsh.

5. Kindle Fire

Josh got me this for Christmas this year just gone, and it has saved my life! I did have a Macbook Pro that college had lent to me for the year when my own laptop broke, causing me to be unable to buy myself a new one (damn being poor!) So when I had to return the laptop, I was so glad to get the app for WordPress for the Kindle, so I can keep writing for you lovely people.

6. Makeup

I have a lot of fun experimenting with my look, with eyeshadow, eyeliner, even fake tan (I regretted the fake tan though, it isn’t for me really). I have tried goth/emo, pretty, funky, mysterious, glamorous and natural. I like all of them, which is why I have all sorts of stuff in my wardrobe.

7. Cuddly toys

I am a kid at heart, which is why I have a collection of soft toys. Obviously you’ve met Fred, and have been acquainted with Hatch and Derpy, but I have many more toys in my arsenal. Sadly I’ve lost my phone, otherwise there would of been lots of pictures for this post.

8. Jane Austen

I adore her, she is my muse and inspiration. She was a writer during a time when women simply didn’t have careers, or rights to political and educational freedom. Yet she still got herself out there, doing what she was most passionate about following her dreams and doing things with her life. If she could do it, then so can I. I own all six novels which sit with pride of place on my bedside table, although I still need to unpack Pride and Prejudice from my camp kit.

9. Tea

I am a shameless tea addict. I would drink nothing but the good stuff if I could. It is a social drink as well as one of refreshment. Seriously, it makes people come together to talk about everything and anything. It is over a cup of tea where stories often begin. That’s why it is so special.

10. Magazines

I love reading fashion magazines, as well as the weekly ones full of ‘sensational’ stories about wicked husbands and sick children, not because I’m morbid or nasty, but because it reminds me of how well off I am compared to other people. And because of the shock factor. Not to mention that once I am done, I can pass them over to my sister in law so she can get on with all the puzzles I can’t stand doing.

11. Perfume

I was bought Lola the other day as a treat from Josh when his pay check came in. I am obsessed with all things smelly from pretty bottles, and they always look rather glamourous sitting on my makeup table. I love Spunky Kitten’s perfume reviews that she does, and I imagine the scent as she writes. There have actually been times when I have been tempted to go and buy some of the ones she talks about, but then they might be too dear for me. I’ll just have to stick to Lush for now.

12. Past Diaries

I’ve kept all the diaries that I wrote from the age of ten right up to when I was seventeen. I couldn’t be bothered after that, especially as I had started college by then, and was simply far too busy to worry about keeping a journal up to date. But when I feel that life sucks, I read them, to remind me that I’ve grown up since then, and that I’m definitely on to better things.

13. DVD collection

I have all sorts of films, Shawn of The Dead (need to sort that cosplay out before the marathon of the Cornetto Trilogy next week) Hot Fuzz, War Horse, Nightmare Before Christmas. A very eclectic collection. Especially when my Austen DVDs appear…

14. Writing certificate

It is framed and on my bedroom window sill. I won a competition where I had to write a 50 word story called a ‘mini saga’ to go in a youth anthology. And I was one of two people from my creative writing class who won. And I have the certificate to prove I can write! So eat that, any critics!

15. Life

I just love the life I lead now. I have a lovely fiance, nice home and voluntary job. I have gotten an exciting new hobby, and am meeting new people all the time. My life never used to be that great, as I grew up in the care system for 15 years of my life. It opened doors to me, like going sailing and getting to check out Southampton FC’s HQ. But it caused me a lot of grief and nastiness, that I still struggle to look back on. It still causes me pain. But, at the end of the day, I fought the status quo to get where I am now. And it is something that I am very, very proud of. And that’s why I count life as one of my favourite things.


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