31 Day Blog Challenge #10

What’s My best physical feature?

What a rather interesting question. I suppose it depends on how I feel on that day. I wouldn’t say I have a model-esque figure, or wonderful hair. My nose is a bit big for my face, and my eyes are dark with thought, rather than bright and full of life. I have big feet compared to other girls (I am a size 7 in sneakers and trainers, and size 6 in heels/flats. I was a size 8 in trainers for PE though) not to mention that I am tall and gangly rather than graceful. My smile is awkward rather than happy.

So I guess I like my legs and my bottom (oh, I said bottom, tee hee!). I have a lovely pert bottom, and long legs that look stunning when I bother to shove heels onto my feet! Then I fall over or stumble and I decide that perhaps I ought to just wear jeans and skirts that make my bottom look great!


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