31 Day Blog Challenge #7

So, Day 7, where I am asked to talk about my pet hates. Basically, things I really can’t stand.

1. Litter

This is because I have to pick litter up in my bare hands nearly every time I go into work. I’ve had to deal with snotty tissues, food wrappers, and even a piece of half chewed sandwich. Gross!

2. Badly behaved children

As a rule, I put up with children, I mean, you get the ones that are polite, kind and friendly who are actually interested in what you are saying. Then there are the naughty, out of control children who really annoy you. Especially if you are trying to look after a handling table with children shouting amd screaming, chasing each other down the context gallery with the surgical saw…

3. Marrow, and other various veg

I can’t stand slimy raw foods, which is why tomatoes in salad are considered evil in my book. Marrow is a nasty sloppy vegetable that goes slimy and tastes foul. These are foods that make me want to vomit.

4. Not being able to pick out an outfit

Now, this happens every morning. I get up, to discover that it is actually very tricky to pick out an outfit. I have a massive wardrobe full of clothing, but I can never decide what to actually wear. Especially if I am running late. It’s a blessing that I have a uniform for work!

5. Writer’s Block

Now, this is something that always gets on my nerves. Especially when I don’t get much time to sit and get something off the ground. I always know where I want the story to lead, but it’s writing it down in a good way that gets me bedazzled.

6. Sneezing

I often suffer from sneezing fits, as when I sneeze, I have to do it at least five times. Perfumes set me off, as do deodorants and body sprays. Air freshener has also been known to set off an attack, and when I went to Bath for a university meeting, I had a huge fit of them. What makes it so much worse, is that I don’t have a feminine, quiet sneeze. I sneeze very loudly and violently. So having fits on the bus is the bane of my life

So, there are my pet hates. Stay tuned for the next day!


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