So, I mentioned Fred briefly in this morning’s blog challenge post. So I decided that I would talk about him.

He’s pretty special, the one bear I could never have the heart to give away. I have has him since I was a little girl, and we’ve had adventures together, like the time we both went to York for the NUS Women’s Conference earlier this year, and when we visited Scotland for Josh’s uncle’s 40th birthday. We have been together through thick and thin, when boyfriends have come and gone, when I was waiting for my GCSE results, when family life got particularly tricky. He has been there during both my highest and lowest moments. Heck, he even went to London with Josh and I when we went to see Rent, and sat in the dressing rooms of several shows I’ve been involved in.

If I go to university, then Fred will come with me to sit by my side regardless of what happens. If my grades don’t get me there, then he’ll be there in my arms as I pace my bedroom figuring out what to do next. He sits in my lap when I am attempting to write or watch TV. I always knit him a new scarf a year, although I recon that he will want a new scarf if we go to university, a slightly vain bear he is.

I think he’s got a little personality of his own, to be honest. He’s wise, kind and intellectual. He likes his creature comforts, and often has to put up with odd sleeping arrangements when we go on adventures. He’ll probably have to come to camp with me this weekend, hiding during the day, snuggling up around the campfire under the stars at night.

Sometimes Josh says that Fred is spoiled more than he is by me. And, you know, perhaps he is right. There is a tad bit of rivalry between the two for my attention, simply because Josh is jealous of the attention and cuddles Fred gets, whilst Fred hates being kicked out of bed at night, his rightful place, in his opinion. Fred also wouldn’t want me to be hurt again, but deep down he knows that, although I am growing up (I’m 20 in October!) I will never leave him behind.

That’s friendship for you!


(Picture Courtesy of Georgia Edwards. Me and Fred)


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