31 Day Blog Challenge #6

So, I apologise that this is a few days late, I have been working for four days on the trot, and am preparing to go on camp with the Coldstream Guards 1815.

Anyways, Day 6, where I talk about my five senses at this current moment in time.

I can hear lawnmowers in people’s back gardens, as they make the most of a rare moment of sunshine in England. I can’t smell anything as I had my perfume set off my sneezing fits that I always get with perfumes and other body sprays, as well as grass. I am in my room at the moment, so I can see through my bedroom window at all the houses in the area I live in, as well as the knitting I really ought to be getting on with. I am cuddling my beloved bear Fred who I have had since I was a lonely nine year old girl in care, with long brown hair and thick round glasses.


(My own image, from right, Hatch the Mary Rose Dog, Fred, Derpy the Mary Rose Rat)

I’m also guzzling sherbet lemons, my favourite sweets ever, so can taste the tart sherbet with the sweet boiled candy. Omnomnomnom!

Stay tuned for Day 7! However, after that may well be quiet on here again as I am hopefully going to the Chalke Valley History Festival with the Coldstream Guards 1815 as my first proper reenactment experience. When I can I shall take photographs, but I won’t have my Kindle or access to wi fi for the whole weekend. It’s all very exciting!


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