Week with Josh and Film Festival

This week has been interesting, to say the least.

Monday I went to college to go to the last D&D session of the year at college, although we are going to attempt Skype sessions as well as the occasional meet up for a whole evening session. I also recorded the E3 discussion video for Josh’s channel, JoshE2810.

Tuesday was a typical day at work, and I decided to check out the georgian tearoom at lunchtime (the other diners looked at the Tudor girl in the queue with a raised eyebrow) and had some loose leaf specialist tea, called The Old Georgian Lady and a cream tea (might write up a review).

I had to go and have an injection on Wednesday, before heading off to stay with Josh for a few days. We also had one of his friends, her partner and her two young children over for dinner and overnight so we spent the evening enjoying having company over, even when some vintage candleholders that Josh’s mum brought back from the US got smashed when some lights on wire got pulled down by one of the kids, despite efforts to baby-proof the house.

Thursday saw us begin to clean up, I dyed my hair (and, unfortunately my hands and neck!) and we got ready for the Film Festival. Although my film was shortened, with important parts cut out and the music changed, other than that, there wasn’t anything to complain about. There were some amazing films shown this year, and the films that won prizes really did deserve them. It was a wonderful way to end two years of college, two years that I kinda regret, as I decided to do what my foster carer wanted rather than what I actually wanted to do.

Today is a chill out day. We only popped out to get some bread rolls, and I picked up a milk jug and sugar bowl to match the tea set I bought last Christmas. I also found a couple of balls of wool, one rainbow and one mint green one. Can’t wait to get knitting with them! Also had milkshake at the local cafe which was lovely, and now am sitting in front of the TV.

This weekend will be the usual work shifts for Josh and I. As well as writing. Writing is good.


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