31 Day Blog Challenge #4

Day 4 guys!

Today is the one where I talk about what I am afraid of.

I’m not really frightened of things. People turn to me when a spider needs to be gotten out of the bath, when a moth needs to be shooed out of the window. I am the one who will venture into dark and high places where they dare not go. Yeah, I can be pretty fearless in that respect.

But try and get me on a rollercoaster with huge drops! That’s my scardy cat time. I am always the bag-minder for those rides which is fine by me. I hate the whole falling sensation, the way it makes the stomach turn. It’s also why I refuse to go skydiving, although it sounds like a wonderful thing to do.

There is also the big thing I am sometimes afraid of. And that is failure. I am scared that I might not get into the university I want to go to, and I am terrified about the whole rejection side of writing. I have been told that I ought to get into my insurance choice, to study English Literature at Brighton. But I still have hope for Bath Spa though, but will have to wait and see what happens.

So, that was Day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. Stay tuned for Day 5, as well as an update of general life!


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