31 Day Blog Challenge #2

Day 2 of the challenge, which involves me writing 20 facts about myself.

Best I get on with it then…

1. I was born on 30th October 1993, making me 19 years, 6 months of age

2. I grew up in foster care from the age of three years, and stayed there until I was eighteen.

3. My home county is Hampshire, basically, Jane Austen country

4. I loved books from a very young age. My school reports note that literary pursuits were my favourites at school

5. I was eight years old when I wrote my first short story about my ‘dramatic’ arrival into the world (turns out I wasn’t born with a forceps delivery, I just was born a month early)

6. I was diagnosed with autism when I had just turned three

7. I wrote my first full length novel when I was seventeen, based on short stories I wrote when I was at special needs secondary school based on my classmates and a rather cruel girl who picked on me for being ‘geeky’

8. I have been working as a volunteer tour guide at the Mary Rose Museum for nearly three months, and as a costumed interpreter for two

9. I am mad about Miranda Hart and anything she has worked on (am miserable that I won’t see her live tour due to lack of funds)

10. I have just finished two long years at college studying film and television production (which I hated in the end)

11. I hope to get into university next academic year to study either English Literature or Creative Writing

12. I failed both last year’s NaNoWriMo, as well as April’s Cam NaNoWriMo

13. But I ought to be able to win this time, I might just have to be a library rat for a while

14. I spend my life bouncing between Josh’s and my carer’s houses

15. I got into gaming late last year

16. I am a shameless Austen fangirl

17. I am starting my gender bending cosplay collection

18. I am Pagan and Proud

19. I also practice witchcraft

20. I have mousy brown hair (well, before I dyed it)

So, that is Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3!

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