31 Day Blog Challenge – Day #1

So, Day 1 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. 



And Day #1 is all about the introduction side of things, as well as showing a recent photo of myself. 

So, my name is Heidi, or HJ (I prefer HJ, although the idea hasn’t caught on with my friends and family just yet) I’m nineteen, and am currently a full time volunteer tour guide at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, as well as a full time writer. I won’t know if I’ll be a student next academic year or not until I get my BTEC results back. I am geeky, obsessed with history and making gender bent costumes (I’ll start on Femme Arthur Dent next week). 

I am currently engaged to Josh, over at JoshE2810, who has a small-time gaming Youtube Channel and Twitter, and life is great in that sense. I also have some wonderful friends from college, primarily from the Student Union where I have worked as one of three Women’s Officers this year, where I went to the National Women’s Conference for NUS, which turned out to be one of the best things that I’ve done, as it really sparked off my life as a feminist. 

So, I play games, primarily on Xbox, although I also own a DSi. I own a toy rat called Derpy which I bought from the gift shop at work, and a dog called Hatch, again, from work. Image

(the Rat, my own image)

I do have a soft spot for soft toys, to be fair. Expect pictures of them on Twitter and here in future!

I’m mad about Lush (when I can afford it) and other wonderful sweet smelling things. I’m also mad about the musty scent of old books, the strange stench of 1545 anchor cable (pitch and hemp, mmmmm), and the taste of boiled sweets. 

As I don’t have a recent pic of myself, Derpy the Rat will have to do. He’ll be helping me out in future, when we’ll be interviewing various people about… stuff.



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