My Tudor Novel is On a Roll

So, you all have probably noticed that I tweeted a pic of my Henry VIII timeline as well as a brief synopsis for my personal look-see. I thought that it would only be right to have a talk about the book and what it’s going to involve.

I am basically doing a kind of Mansfield Park style novel, where a girl who is less well off is taken on by a kindly lord to be a companion for his daughter at their estate in the country.


The story follows a young girl from Tudor England during the reign of Henry VIII, whose carpenter father is killed whilst trying to break up a fight in the shipyard where the infamous Mary Rose is being built. The overseer, Lord Robert, takes pity on Emily, and takes her on as a companion of his daughter, the Lady Grace. Emily grows up among the glamour and intrigue of the court of on of the most famous kings in English history. She becomes our eyes as she watches history unfolding, as well as having to deal with he  own past, present, and future.

So, I shall pop a cheeky little preview of what is to come soon, in the meantime, I’ll note that tomorrow I record the E3 Video on JoshE2810! I have also set up my own Youtube account, although vlogs from me will have to wait until I can get hold of some filming resources…


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