E3 Vlog with @JoshE2810 and Friends;

So, have some fab news!

You might of heard me mentioning my fiance Josh a few times in passing on this blog.

He runs his own Youtube channel where he talks gaming. He has a few walkthroughs of a couple of games from when he bought a Roxio capturing system, but when he realised that the system doesn’t do what it needed to do, he had to put them on hold, although there are plans to make videos like that again in the foreseeable future when he can get hold of a better system that can live capture with voice.

But at the moment he does face to camera vlogs taking about gaming issues (I appreciated his girl gamer video) as well as life in general. He mentions me a lot, and I have featured as a bit character here and there.

But I have actually been invited, along with a few other guests, to talk about this year’s E3. The guys will be talking about the technical side of things, the consoles, the games. I, however, will be providing the actual issues that E3 brought to the table this year, mainly about feminism and the gaming industry, for the debate aide of things.

I’m yet to actually be able to confirm a date of when the video will be recorded/put online, but I will tweet about it when it’s ready to roll.

In the mean time, check Josh out on Youtube! Search JoshE2810 to check out what he gets up to.


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