Writer’s Block Sure Does Suck

So, am attempting to start a new novel for me to work on over the holidays. I say attempting, considering Arthur came to a dead end like all my projects seem to be doing at the moment. I start them off, all positive that I will actually finish it.

It’s always when I get to the third chapter when it all begins to go horribly wrong for me and my writing. It’s usually at this point where I either get caught up in writing something else up, or I just get to a plot hole and fall deep into it, which is pretty much what happened with Arthur. I guess no longer having a computer will also make things pretty difficult on the writing front, sure I’ll be able to blog using my Windows Phone and my Kindle Fire, but it’s rather difficult to actually sit and get something written that could go towards a book.

And I really need to get started on a good project, especially if I don’t get into university, as I’ll be looking into working on an apprenticeship in an office environment, I’ll also be putting all my effort into getting myself published in one way or another. So this means that I really ought to be getting started with my story ideas…

But I am struggling to get some ideas. Perhaps another attempt at the fantasy genre is something to think about, The Chronicles of Crazar, a book I wrote when I was seventeen, was probably the best thing I ever wrote, and it’s a genre I have been wanting to start writing again.

Right, I’d better find a story generator then…



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