Last Day of College… EVER!

Today is the very last day I will ever spend at college. I have had to give back my macbook as a result, which means you might not hear from me much, which is sad.

I’m therefore writing this post on one of the Student Union computers in the office, and am hanging out with my friends in the office for the last time, which is sad. I want to organise for us all to go to lazer quest at the dockyard, but everyone wants to go airsofting, which sounds painful. At least with lazer it won’t hurt…

I’m going to miss them all, and the fact that I won’t be going into college to see them will be a tricky thing to deal with for a while. I’m hoping that we can organise D&D sessions outside of college, although finding a venue will be difficult, as there are at least twenty members of our college group (we’re all geeks and prod, you know). I know that they are a mad bunch, full of innuendo and general craziness, but that’s why they are awesome really, and I will miss them, ever so slightly.

So, tomorrow I’ll be going to work, then it’ll be my mother in law’s 40th birthday bash (mustn’t get too drunk!) then I have work again the next day. Monday I go up to Bath to visit the university that I have a conditional offer from to discuss my accomodation and learning support options.

But, for now, I shall enjoy my last day here by watching the weirdly sexual videos that my DM is playing and winding up Tim about everything.


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