My Final College D&D Session




So, you guys might be aware that this week is my last D&D session at college, as I sign out of college for good on Thursday… 

So, I decided to pop up this meme that I found. This is mainly because of the fact that my college classmates teased me about my new found hobby. I might do one of the nerdiest things in the world, but I love it. 

Not to mention that my friend Badger is DM tonight, and I just lopped off his other testicle (Inside joke!). That’s going to be a barrel of laughs! Considering that Josh killstole in the last chapter of the quest, most of the dragonborns and elves will loath his character, and his human wit just won’t work on us. My elf hates his character, which is brilliant! 

I’ve also got some black arrows, but I can’t remember what they do, extra damage, I suppose, from the last chapter. I wonder if anything exciting will happen today?


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