Last Day Jitters!



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Yes, tomorrow it is The Last Day of College. Ever.

And I haven’t touched my dossier or my coursework, even though I did have plans to do so. That means I have only tomorrow as a day of lectures left to get EVERYTHING done. And I mean everything. Tuesdays I have off timetable anyway, and I’ll be at work sniffing rope (not as bad as it sounds, seriously!) so won’t have time to cram. Then I’m going to go into college early to hog a computer at the LRC in order to get everything else done by 1pm, so I can hand it in, sign out, hand the Macbook back to college (no more typed on a keyboard blogs for ever, as I won’t have access to a decent PC for a while), collect my deposit (my college makes you pay out £25 at the start of the course) and LEAVE FOREVER!

The sad bit is that I’ll have to leave my college D&D group, shame it didn’t get started until later in the year. I’ll have to see if there is a group in my area that I can actually sort out my hobby, although they might do things a lot differently, which might suck. Oh well…

So, am nervous, but hopefully I’ll pull through.

Now, where did I put that locker key?


2 thoughts on “Last Day Jitters!

    • Heidi Street says:

      I work at the Mary Rose Museum, where there is a lot of rope saturated in pitch (tar) that is rather smelly, in a strangely nice way 🙂

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