Let’s Talk About the Weaker Sex, Baby

I might identify as feminist, but I agree, equality is a two way street!

is this thing on?

What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? When it suits our immediate needs!

I’m sure I’m going to catch a fair amount of shit for this post but I don’t particularly care. My guess is that the shit will come from the raging, man-hating feminist camp or the camp of woman guilty of precisely the thing I’m bitching about.

Now then – I suppose Hollywood is as good a place as any to start since they’re largely responsible for perpetuating a falsified stereotype of the strong modern woman. Evidently, a strong woman will hold her tongue each and every time her husband decides, without consulting her, to put himself and his family in danger – she is strong because she stands behind her man and holds her family together while he’s out dodging bullets and narrowly escaping explosions. A strong woman will look on helplessly as her…

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