Dungeons and Dragons!

This is a post where I confess to taking part in one of the geekiest things in the whole universe. Yes, even more geeky than Doctor Who and Hitchhikers.

I started my Dungeons and Dragons hobby a little while ago, so I thought I’d write a post about it, as well as talking about what D&D is actually all about. 

Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D) is a fantasy RPG game where gamers, lead by a Dungeon Master who tells the story of the quest and has final say on everything, go on adventurous quests and battle various creatures and people. It’s a very exciting game, sometimes you can play with a board and figures, but all you really need are character sheets, a pen and special dice with various numbers of sides, like these



(picture from fanpop.com)

The DM will have books with information on weapons, races and monsters, as well as on the rules, and even books with quests already written in them, although our DM’s at college choose to spend hours writing out their own quests. As I said before, the DM gets the final say on everything to do with the quest, whether you like it or not.

What I like about D&D is the fact that certain races get certain qualities, and the DM can edit them to the plot as appropriate, like when certain people killsteal off of others (see the case study of the college D&D sessions). I love it that elves get to re-roll, and have higher dexterity levels, useful for my weapon of choice, the bow. I have a short bow at the moment, although I did get some black arrows at the end of this week’s story. So now I shall talk about a case study, if you can call it that, about how a D&D group can start and go on.


As you might be aware, a couple of my friends started up a college Dungeons and Dragons group. It started of as a group of about ten of us, when we attempted to do a major battle as a tutorial. My elf rogue managed to literally shoot a man in the knee, after I rolled a 20 for a special attack, although one of the other players who attempted to kill the (now crippled) assassin kept slipping on the blood, in turn causing our DM (Dungeon Master) to deduct an intelligence point from him. 

The next meeting that we had was mad. Seriously, the membership had exploded into nearly twenty five members. It was to the point where we actually had to split into two groups, with two DMs and two different quests. I went with Craig, who is fairly expert in D&D, as he’s been playing outside of college for a long time. I (sadly) had to re-create my character, ready to start the brand new quest. Which was just as well really, as I was then able to play as an elf ranger! I had an amazing 20 kill as well, managing to use only one shot to kill a Dragonborn, a dwarf and two villagers (Rangers specialise in archery). Rangers always start battles as well, which is pretty cool. That said, however, the dragonborns decided to attack me whilst I was bloodied, thus killing me. I was lucky because both the palidins of the party decided to revive me, which was handy. Although my partner, the boy wizard wonder, decided that it would be a great idea to killsteal off our dragonborn and elf duo, which will not help him out later, I can assure you.

So, that’s that. I’m going to go shopping during the holidays for some proper gaming dice, as if I get them from Amazon, I’ll have to pay £9 for the P&P, which is horrid. Apparently there is a shop in Southampton that I need to visit, so will attempt this over half term when I’m not sat catching up with coursework. I wish to DM one day, so I will have to get the tools of the trade, as well as a book or two about the rules for me to swot up on. I do hope they do D&D at university…



3 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons!

    • Heidi Street says:

      Not at all! We organised ours through the Student Union, as their job to listen to what students want, including enrichment subjects, and will help set it up. Maybe it’s something to consider if you’re at college next year 🙂

      • I’m sadly past my college/uni days, so I’m just keeping my eyes and ears open around town. Don’t know if I’d be able to commit to regular meetings but it’d be nice to make some friends, get my foot in the door.

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