Why Coffee Shops Are Wonderful

Decided that I would quickly write a blog from the Costa in Fareham, the one outside Poundland (I’m the one with a grey jumper with rainbow colours on my chest) and talk to you about why coffee shops, chains, etc are such wonderful places to write in.

You see, when you sit down with a drink of choice at a table, you can get away with this wonderful hobby otherwise known as people watching. Of course you can people watch wherever you go, but coffee shops are the best places for it. I will also admit that tea rooms are pretty great too, but they don’t have wi-fi or a place where you can plug a laptop in. You see, people will talk about anything and everything whilst with their mates drinking coffee, making it a perfect place to create characters and plots. I remember practically paraphrasing an entire lover’s tiff once, although I lost the document, which was such a shame, considering the proper barney it was!

Some of my best writing has been done sat in a coffee shop. Sometimes you can even tell which coffee place I was writing in at the time, for example, when writing about the trip one of my characters made to see a dressmaker in my fantasy novel of 2011 involved characters called Madame Mocha and Rachel Nero. You can see the inspirations! 

Not only do these places have inspiration on the menu, the food and drink is always lovely, the staff friendly, and the places warm and inviting. The image of the writer sat in front of their laptop writing the next instalment of their story whilst sipping on a coffee is one that is familiar to many people. 

I’m living the dream folks!


3 thoughts on “Why Coffee Shops Are Wonderful

  1. Oh, I completely agree with you. I’d not written a word for a fortnight when I found myself outlining three new characters over a coconut Americano (no milk, please) just yesterday. My coffee shop is a bit bijou so there’s often a bit of jostling for position, but I’ve paid the required amount of gold to be named a Regular and I often get the best seat by the window.
    I can drop in and out of conversation as I like, tap away merrily on the keyboard, or just be all continental and people watch.

    • Heidi Street says:

      Oh, it sounds so lovely! There isn’t much in the way of indie coffee shops in my part of the world, as rather jealous! I am tempted to pop on my beret (if I can find it) and sit and watch the world go by

      • I’m British too – I sometimes lapse into American spelling because I’ve spent too long online though. Our town is small, but we manage to maintain a Fairtrade coffee lounge which is very spacious but dark, my bright but tiny take-out shop and three cafes with varying degrees of grease on the spoons. =)

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