What the hell do you mean ‘aspiring geek’?

AHA! I’m not the only one who hates those bloomin’ ‘geek’ tops! I think we might have to be friends, aha!

A Dance in Fire

‘Are you one of those ‘fake geek girls’ that should be censured?’

The reader can decide whether I ought to be censured or not, this duty I give to them on the understanding that I will not give a flying squirrel about their verdict. But still, here I go to clarify what I mean by ‘aspiring geek’.

Working this year towards recovery from depression and anxiety issues, I’ve been dissecting my personality: getting to know what I’m really interested in and what really has the potential to make me happy. The results have surprised me somewhat, and they’ve been a little difficult to digest. I’m aware enough to realise that there is a transition facing me, and I will be called upon to defend myself. There’s some articles on XOJane that explain this from a feminist perspective, and I’ll defer to the better writing.

It used to be that I’d…

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