Series Finale of Doctor Who… WTF? (Warning – Spoilers Sweety)

So, just watched the finale of this series of Doctor Who…


I couldn’t believe the way they decided to end it, on a CLIFFHANGER!

One thing that I can’t stand are cliffhangers. They annoy me for many reasons, simply because of the fact that they make me want the next episode, which I can’t have until a while later, November.

And it was such a sad cliffhanger as well, it made a lump in my throat, the whole, in the name of peace, but not in the name of the Doctor made me want to whimper ever so slightly. It was such an emotional episode, a lovely way to end this series, and, it had to be the best episode of the entire series. OK, there were some pretty neat ones, but this one had to top it, the cinematography and the CGI was beautiful, the writing phenomenal and the acting exquisite, everything you expect from Doctor Who.

I had to explain to my partner the whole River Song storyline as he’d forgotten the whole ‘River and Doctor on different time streams every time they meet’ as he got muddled when she told Clara that she was dead, yet mentally connected to her. It was a bitter sweet moment when the Doctor and her said goodbye in the tomb though…

Anyhoo, I loved it that they revealed more about the whole ‘Impossible Girl’ part of Clara. She has been my favourite Companion, as she’s sassy, she’s brave, and she’s not afraid to take control of the situation. She’s basically a feminist’s wet dream, in a weird kind of way. There are several women who I adore to the point of being willing to ditch my male partner to be lesbian partners with them full time, and Clara is certainly one of them. It made with the whole time stream thing, it explained how Clara became the Girl who Died Twice, though it was unexpected, which is only ever good.

So, it was a really good episode. I’m gutted that we now have to wait til November…


2 thoughts on “Series Finale of Doctor Who… WTF? (Warning – Spoilers Sweety)

  1. Of course it ended on a cliff hanger tho.. it’s doctor Who. Every episode is a cliffhanger. And clara is the worst companion EVER. She makes my ears bleed 😦

    But I agreed – waiting is gonna suck.

    • Heidi Street says:

      I guess it’s the cliffhangers that get us wanting more! I guess I like her mainly because she is one to take control of situations, and is able to argue back and make educated choices. I hate waiting so much though 😦

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