Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – The Review




So, what did I think of this book?

Well, to be fair, I was a little bit skeptical of this book. I don’t usually go for sci-fi novels, as they are not usually my cup of tea, as I usually prefer fantasy and general fiction (I have a chic lit book hidden in the depths of my college bag as I type). My stepfather, as well as some of my classmates told me that I had to read it, especially as I had only just watched the movie with Martian Freeman (he played Bilbo in The Hobbit, and Watson in Sherlock, the BBC production, not the movie), and really enjoyed it. 

So, I ordered a copy off of Amazon, as I didn’t find it in the bookstores, and waited for it to arrive. It arrived quickly, but I didn’t get round to reading it until a couple of weeks later. 

What the heck was I doing my whole life prior to this book?

Seriously, I loved it, and couldn’t put it down! It’s fairly easy to read, and is also a book that is great for dipping in and out of if (like me) you’re rather busy. Many books are books that you ought to read in one sitting, like the Wicked books, or Pride and Prejudice, but Hitchhikers is ideal for that little book you can tuck away at college and read on the bus, before popping it down for the college day, then you can get back into it the same afternoon and have the plot still make sense! The book is written in a very friendly, easy to manage style, and some of the plot is so daft it makes you laugh in front of your family without you quite realising it. 

Following the adventures of the protagonist, Arthur Dent, a fairly normal, if slightly dull guy, though the universe, with his friend Ford, who just so happens to be an alien, after the Earth is demolished  by Vogans, a rather diabolical alien race, so that a hyperspatial express route can be built. He meets various characters on the way, such as the Galactic President, who has stolen a ship and is on the run from everyone, Marvin the Paraniod Android, who is a manically depressed robot, and Trillian, a woman from Earth that Arthur met once at a party, but didn’t manage to hook up with. They discover a planet which is supposed to be the stuff of legends, where they discover the quest for the answer to the meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything, as lead by the mice, who had created Earth as a computer so that they could figure out the question, as they had an answer, created by the computer ‘Deep Thought’ 10 million years previously. 

So, my feedback?

This book is literary genius! 

My score = ****

Don’t forget that towel, and don’t panic!


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