Geeky Feminist Series – Episode #1

feminist issue #1



So, I thought I’d start off this idea of tackling a geeky feminist issue every Monday with this little image that has been floating around my personal Facebook page.

It talks about the idea that when you’re playing a FPS (first person shooter) game on the PC or console, and you’re playing against the ‘fairer sex’, you mustn’t kill them, otherwise that counts as rape in the gaming world.

Let’s break my opinion down based on the points that the writer of this article (who is a woman, I must add) makes in the article.

1) Rape is an act that overpowers a woman, and you overpower a woman when killing her in the FPS game

Don’t men get raped/sexually molested too? Can’t men be overpowered, just like a woman? Murder and general killing of another person counts as overpowering in its own right, since when did rape come into the equation with the FPS?

2) The victim is usually blamed for the death in the FPS

Well, duh? We always wind someone up when they get killed, especially if they were being silly, thus getting them killed, regardless of gender, sexuality, faith, creed, age or experience (or, in my case, lack of it), but it’s all harmless (unless the death causes the team to lose, then it gets a bit harsher!)

3) It can have lasting effects, like rape to the female rape victim

Erm, it’s a game? Okay, I’m not saying that a rape victim has got it easy, I would hate to be in that scenario, but when a girl gets shot down in the FPS world, she isn’t going to be traumatised, just irritated, like any other gamer.

So, all in all, I think this article is basically badly thought out trollop. This article isn’t empowering us girls to pick up the controllers and take on the guys in what should be a fun and (mostly) harmless activity. If anything, it’s trying to warn us that if we don’t want to feel raped or molseted, then we mustn’t play FPS games.

And what a lousy world it would be if female gamers weren’t kicking the guy’s butts at Halo every once in a while.


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