Plan B?

As you all might be aware, I’m hoping to get the right grades to get into university in September. I’ve applied, got the offers, the finance is nearly sorted out, and social services are going to try and sort something in the way of accommodation out for me when I get to university. 

But, I haven’t done very well this year with the whole study ethic side of things. I mean, I’m behind on a LOT of the work, and am struggling to get this film done (although my partner is going to be my actor, and I will be using his house as my location), although the screenplay is written and ready to rock and roll, I am worried about university. I am really worried, as the university I’ve accepted as my firm choice wants DDM from my Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma (Distinction, Distinction, Merit) which is quite ambitious. My insurance option is asking for a DMM (Distinction, Merit, Merit), which I am more likely to get. I would go to my insurance university, as I like the sound of the English Literature degree, although I would be rather sad if I didn’t get into the university that I originally wanted to get into. 

But I am also worried I might not even get into that university. And thus I am trying to think about what to do if I don’t get into any university. Well, I’d go through the UCAS Clearing service to attempt to shove me anywhere with a degree that I would be happy to study. If not, I guess I’m torn between going back to do a course that will get me into university, or studying something that will get me straight into work. 

The downside of the latter option is that I’d be letting down all the people who are expecting me to go there. I mean, all the social workers, the foster carers (bar one) and the teachers at the special needs schools and at the mainstream school I consequently ended up at are expecting me to graduate with at least a high second, or even a first. So if I ended up in a job, and not a ‘career’ I would end up disappointing a heck of a lot of people, especially my family, as my sister is preparing to do a PhD after her Masters, and this is what I have to live up to, which kinda sucks, all though I’m glad my sister is going places with her life. 

Other than that, I don’t think setting up my own business would be so bad, although it would be awkward sorting out my tax out and all that jazz. What would it be though?



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