So What Is a Geek?

I decided that today I would write about geekiness, and what it truly means (to me anyway) to be a complete and utter geek.

I used to get called a geek all the time when I was a girl, aged ten, sat in the corner polishing off a copy of ‘Horrible Histories’. I was called a geek, when, aged fourteen, I was still sat in the corner, this time with a copy of Pride and Prejudice or A Diary of a Young Girl (really sad book, almost brought a tear to my eye). And, at the age of nineteen, I am still sat in the corner, with a notebook tucked into my pocket and a pen balancing on my ear, still reading, although it’s a bit geekier that Pride and Prejudice. (I finished Hitchhikers by the way, so will review it soon). 

Me and my friends often talk about what it means to really be a geek. After all, we are all pretty geeky in one way or another. Two of my friends are into Dungeons and Dragons, and are in the process of setting up a group at college (I’ll be joining in, it sounds really fun!). There are a few Yu Gi Oh! players in the Student Union, as well as some gamers (of the console kind). I even have a couple of cosplayer friends (I’ll be having a good go at cosplaying in the next few weeks, more about that another day).

So, what is being a geek really about?

Well, we have all agreed that a geek is NOT:

  • Geek Chic (oversized fake specs, long stockings and shabby chic clothes)
  • Any of those girls (and some guys) who are wearing those tops with ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ or ‘dork’ on them

I believe that to be a geek, then you need to:

  • Have a specialist subject that you practically LIVE for
  • Have no fashion sense whatsoever. You buy clothes because you like them, not because someone else says it’s fashionable
  • Are super excited when there is a TV show/movie to do with your specialist subject
  • You have posters all over your room that have nothing to do with celebs
  • Are usually rubbish at sports (my PE teacher always looked at me with pity)
  • Can be pretty unsociable when focused on work/specialist subject
  • Doesn’t label themselves as a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’. We are likely to call ourselves ‘experts’ or ‘enthusiasts’ 

I like the term ‘geek’ and this blog is currently called the Geeky Writer, but I don’t call myself a geek. I admit I can be very geeky sometimes, but I call myself a writer rather than a geek.



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