I’m Finally Writing!

So, after work today, I randomly sat down and wrote out a good 483 words of a chapter that may end up becoming my next novel. I mean, I wrote a novel when I was seventeen, and that took a good solid three months to do, that was literally sitting down after college and writing a chapter a night, which I may do with this new book. It means I can focus on my coursework without worry during the day, and then write in the evenings, before I go to bed. If anything does pop into mind I can always scribble it down in my notebook. 

I’m writing about an autistic college student. Because I am an autistic college student. I’ll be writing about how he survives from day to day, as a writer and a person. He’s actually my male alter ego, as I was diagnosed with autism at the age of three years old, not long before being put into foster care by a mother who couldn’t cope. So I’m putting Arthur in that situation. Will he get into university? Will he find the girl of his dreams? Will he ever get to be fully independent? Before everything goes a bit pear shaped?

Who knows?

I’m considering naming the novel ‘Arthur’ although as I pop chapters on here (hopefully this chapter that I’ve started will be up by tomorrow afternoon) I hope you guys might help me find a better title.

So, goodbye for now!



One thought on “I’m Finally Writing!

  1. Three months is pretty quick to write a novel. Best I’ve gotten is eight months. Then again, I’m rather lazy when it comes to this sort of thing…
    Best of luck on your book! Perhaps once you post some of it people will figure out the perfect title.

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