The Eve of ‘Adulthood’

Tonight is the final night of my 20 year old-ness. I, Heidi Street, will be an official grown-up. I’ll be of the American legal age to drink alcohol, and will be (hopefully) less likely to get ID’d when I purchase alcohol or painkillers.

But I’m already an ‘adult’ in the eyes of the law, right? I’ve been of the age of majority since I turned eighteen, been legally allowed to drink, smoke, vote, marry without parental consent, leave foster care. I can enlist into the armed forces (if I were not autistic or mentally ill).

I know the only other addition to my rights as of tomorrow is that I could adopt if I want to. At the moment, I’m at university, so I’m unable to adopt at this moment in time. Other than that, nothing will really change.

When you turn twenty, you stop being a ‘teenager’, but because of the society being used to the age of majority being 21, that’s when people start to truly see you as an adult.

Another point I’d like to make is about the new rules in certian local authorities with their ‘Staying On’ projects, when young people can stay with foster carers until they reach 21 years of age. I agree with this, although I think that even at 21, you are still not ready to leave home, these days, for various reasons, young people don’t leave home until their mid 20s, so to expect young people in care to live 100% independently at 18, or even 16 in some cases is completely abhorrent and wrong.

As I turn 21, I realise I’ve been failed by the system. And that something needs to be done about it.

Life’s… Getting There

Trigger – I talk about my sex life a little bit in this!

So, I’ve been back at university for two weeks now, and it’s been interesting.

I’ve gone through two university provided wheelchairs (both were broken, annoyingly), But the university has hired out an electric scooter for me, so that’s made life a bit easier, though it doesn’t help that none of the buses used on the 15 route are suitable for scooters.

After a visit to the GP about painkillers, the conversation turned to my antidepressants, and he asked me if I was still taking them/whether I felt they were working. Now, after my trip to the hospital, where the nurses refused to let me take the pills I had Matt bring in for me. I realised that they weren’t helping me at all. Not to mention that I’d realised that the side effect I was most irritated about was the fact that I’d, well, lost the ability to come to orgasm. This had happened a few weeks before the accident, where sex happened many times, but I was a lot trickier than normal to satisfy… It just stopped happening, and it was beginning to upset Matt that he couldn’t do much about it. It’s not your fault, I soothed, but I couldn’t figure out why until I looked at my medication’s side effects. So I carried on after the accident not taking them, and my sex life did improve.

So, I awkwardly mentioned this to the GP, and because he didn’t want me just not on antidepressants, he changed me over to prozac. Because of my sleep issues and the pain in my leg not helping, he also added sleeping pills.

Yesterday I took my first dose. Then I had an episode for the first time, where we were in a group for my seminar, and we were generating characters for a story, in a way that involved saying an idea, and just using it without being allowed to debate it. I felt so out of control, and trying to get this across to both my classmates and my lecturer caused me to nearly burst into tears. I never cry over something as trivial as that, and it freaked me out. I called Matt straight afterwards, and we agreed to pay attention to my emotions for the next two weeks to see if it is the prozac causing this or not.

Today has been better though. I slept in all morning, so felt much more refreshed, I’ve had a shower using my new Lush shower gel, and when Matt gets here, we’ll be off for a Cards Against Humanity session with the girls at their place. It has been a much better day, much more relaxed.

So, I’m hoping to do a few things this academic year:

1) Set up a new blog dedicated to reviewing Lush and other beauty products/fashion from an autistic perspective


3) Get some Firsts in my uni work

4) Get my act together as a functioning adult…

First Week Back!

So, I’ve finally finished my first week back in classes! I’m currently celebrating with a sneezing fit in the IT room as I type up this entry. Yes, I’ve heard a titter or two already coming from fellow inmates/students as I wonder why the hell it’s kicking off now. Maybe I’m allergic to studying?

All jokes aside, it has been great to be back doing what I love to do, that is, being in the academic environment, being in a routine once again.

Not to mention that there are some really interesting classes this year, compared to last year, with journals in Writer’s Workshop 2, in which I can get away with writing about the obcsene poems inspired by Ginsburg, and talk about not reading but screwing (sorry Matt!), reading picture books in Writing for Young People (Where The Wild Things Are, fabulous!), reading chick lit in Genre Fiction (even when a girl complains how deeply offended she is by the term ‘chick lit’, calling it highly mysoginistic, and that we should be banned from reffering to it as such, even though the industry itself refers to books as such. What do you lot think? I’m not overly fussed!), and writing poetry to be yelled at in Performance Poetry. I’ll admit that I did skive Sudden Prose to go to my Comedy Society session, but after an email from my professor asking me whether I’m still in the module or not guilt-tripping me, I’ll have to drop Comedy for a bit. It’s only for one semester though, so I can chillax.

So, it’s been a good week, other than realising that using a manual wheelchair to get around campus is an absolute nightmare, especially when your lecture/support session is at the top of a hill, or the postroom has been moved to a completley inaccessable spot on campus. In the next week, I’ll be writing an official blog post about my experiences as a person who is trying to get around in a wheelchair/crutches in and around Bath and Bath Spa University, and how I feel that things could change for the better in the way that people are being supported and assisted in these situations.

In the meantime, my laptop is back to normal now the malware’s off, I’ve got a journal to update, and Matt is over tomorrow, so I need to tidy up as much as I can! Woo?

Officially a 2nd Year!

Today I crawled out of bed, and wheeled into the main academic building to sort myself out academia wise. I’ve had to switch a module due to health and safety, so that was easy to do, then I actually had to enrol.

It’s official, I’m a second year creative writing student! I’m taking Writing for Young People – Reading as Writers, Sudden Prose, Performance Poetry, Genre Fiction and Writer’s Workshop 2. My timetable looks to be pretty darned packed! Not like that’s a bad thing, I like to be kept busy, and this year I am determined to be an excellent student, but it’s going to be an exhausting term, what with the leg and all.

I was going to have an electric scooter to get around, however student support (bless them) couldn’t get it to work, so I’m using a manual wheelchair to get around. Later in the week, I’m going to talk about my experiences in a wheelchair in more detail, as you realise that you take so much for granted when you’re mobile!

In the meantime, I’m off to the Freshers Fair later this afternoon, that’s after the Second Year Creative Writing talk I have to attend (should go get some pens and a notebook for this academic year in a bit), and tomorrow I have a hospital appointment for my leg and the Liberation Rep stuff to do in the afternoon!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


This has cheered me up a bit! A good blogger friend of mine that I’ve met on this journey, my life in pajamas (, has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! I feel so honoured to be nominated by such a wonderful person, her blog helped me a lot after coming to terms with my ex-fiance’s abusive behaviour to me through the two year relationship I was in.

So, here are the rules for accepting this award!

The Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you providing links back to their website.
Display the logo on your blog.
Answer the ten questions set for you.
Make up ten questions for your nominees.
Nominate ten people.

So, done the first two, now to go on to the next part: The questions!

1.   Which historical person (known or unknown) would you choose to spend a day with?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one! I just couldn’t decide! Perhaps Anne Frank, I loved her diary as a girl, and I’d have so many questions to ask her, and so much to tell her about how her little diary changed the world.

2.   You can give one animal the gift of speech.  Which animal would you choose?

Probably a cat. I wonder what kind of stories they have to tell?
3.   Your life is being filmed as a biography.  Which actor would you choose to play you?

Hmmm, a tricky one… Emma Watson, perhaps?
4.   Someone offers to buy you a free home anywhere in the world.  Where would you live?

Amsterdam. Such a gorgeous city, full of colour, culture and excitement!

5.   Which song have you loved longest?

Probably ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ by McFly. I have fond memories of yelling along to it whilst jumping around the bedroom with a hairbrush.It’s also my song at university, due to my rainbow phase this summer just gone, and the girls relating to it that way.
6.   You’re going to wear the exact same outfit for one year.  What does it look like?

Probably a black dress, with sneakers. Man, I love sneakers. I need a new pair!
7.   You can choose to make any book real, and live in that world.   Where and when is it?

I’d probably go for Shardlake’s London, in the 1500’s. I’d want to run around with Shardlake and Barack and help solve mysteries!
8.   The one thing you most want to be remembered for is…?

My writing, and my efforts on helping young people in care to reach their full potential.
9.   The best choice you ever made was…?

Leaving my ex-fiance!
10. A common misconception about you before getting to really know you is…?

I’m not interested in anything but my books and writing!

Now to choose 10 people for the award… I hate this bit as I can never choose!

And here’s the 10 Questions I have to ask!

1. Favourite Book of all time?

2. Is there a book you wish you’d written?

3. What is the biggest achievement you’ve made this year?

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

5. Worst thing in the world?

6. Best thing in the world?

7. What changed your life forever?

8. If you could have a book character move in with you, who would it be and why?

9. If you had to either give up the internet, or books, which would you give up?

10. Who is your role model? Is there anything you’d like to say to them?



I haven’t written for a while, so I thought I’d write a quick post explaining where I’ve been…

9th September, in the afternoon, I was going to visit my friends at their house for a girly pamper session. Instead of going to the crossing, I decided to take the risk and run across the road, and as the cars had stopped, I assumed it would be safe. I didn’t think that there would be cars driving the other direction. I didn’t hear or see the car properly until it was too late, when a silver car hit me at 20mph, and sent me spinning into the road. I was rushed to A&E, where it was revealed that I’d smashed my tibia and fibula, and needed to be operated on. I was in hospital for five days, as I was operated on in the afternoon after the accident. I have a metal rod holding the bones together, and I’ll be on crutches for 6-8 weeks whilst it heals.

Because of my injury, social services decided it would be safer for me to go and stay with my foster mum in Hampshire for a little bit, so I can get used to my crutches and they can sort out some proper domestic support for me to come back to on Monday. It’s been nice to spend time with the children, and seeing people down here, but at least I’ll be back in time for Fresher’s Week, although I won’t be able to lug stuff around as I’m meant to as an Angel, I should still be able to help out!

And I’m getting the chance to start reading through some of my reading list for university, as I’ve ordered some to be delivered to my foster mum’s. I’ll miss my little foster brother constantly making tea for me as I’m working, and the bustle of family life, but it will also be nice to return to a reasonably normal academic life.

So, what a start to my academic year! Hopefully the rest of the year will be considerably less manic!